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    About Me |关于我

    Introduction | 介绍

    Hello, my name is Matthew JN. I am an experienced online English teacher from Toronto, Canada. I offer customized 1:1 English enrichment lessons. We will focus on building your English skills, and learn about interesting topics! |

    你好,我叫马修*JN。 我是一名来自加拿大多伦多的有经验的在线英语老师. 我提供定制的1:1英语强化课程。 我们将专注于培养您的英语技能,并了解有趣的话题!



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    Goals | 目标

    In my classes we will focus on speaking in English through natural conversation! I want to get to know you, and your interests. During our classes, we will also practice: |


    • Speaking in full sentences | 用完整的句子说话
    • Correcting your pronunciation |  更正您的发音
    • Language comprehension | 语言理解
    • Having fun! | 开心
  • Class Curriculum | 课程材料

    Because my classes are unique to each learner, there are multiple curriculum options. |



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    Crystal Clear ESL

    Invented by an experienced online teacher and English Language specialist, Crystal Clear ESL is a curriculum that will help us improve your speaking skills! This is the primary curriculum I will use in my classes for levels 1-5, as well as Business English. |


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    Off2Class is a comprehensive curriculum that is well adapted for online learning. To start, you would take an English placement test. Off2Class levels are categorized by CEFR standards. Each lesson would be followed by an optional homework assignment. |


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    Reading A-Z

    Reading A-Z provides an extensive library of reading materials to talk about in class. There are also accompanying worksheets that you can practice with at home. I will use this curriculum for students who love to read!|

    阅读 A-Z 提供了大量阅读材料库,可在课堂上讨论。也有附带的工作表,你可以在家里练习。我会用这个课程给喜欢读书的学生!

  • My Classes  |  我的课程

    With my lessons, you receive great value. Here is what I include with my class packages. | 


    Lesson Preview 课程预览

    You will be able to preview the lesson targets before the lesson, so that you can practice. |

    Class Playback 类回放

    You may opt to have the lesson recorded, so that you can watch back the lesson for additional practice. 

    Personalized Feedback 个性化反馈

    Throughout the learning process, I will write specific feedback that will help you improve. |

    Homework 作业

    I will provide you with optional practice to help reinforce your learning. 

    Stable Class Times 稳定的上课时间

    We will decide on stable class times for each week, so that classes can fit in to your weekly schedule. 

    Direct Communication 直接沟通

    You are welcome to message me throughout the learning process. 
  • Class Packages | 类包

    The following prices are for a 25 minute lesson. To inquire about group lessons, or a longer lesson, please contact me |


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    1 Class

    1 类

    $31.00 CAD |

    大约 ¥164

    A single class |








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    8 Classes

    8 类

    $235.60 CAD |

    大约 ¥1250

    (5% discount|

    5% 折扣)

    Approximately 2 classes per week for 1 month. |



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    24 Classes

    24 类

    $632.40CAD |

    大约 ¥3355

    (15% discount|

    15% 折扣)


    Approximately 2 classes per week for 3 months. |


  • Payment Methods | 付款方式

    These are the payment options that I offer to each client. |


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  • How It Works | 它是如何工作的


    Contact me |


    Contact me through WeChat or Email. We will discuss your English level, class preferences, and goals. I will also need some basic information. |





    Trial Lesson |


    You will download "ClassIn", and sign up for a free account. We will have a trial lesson together so you can understand the class structure better. |


    您将下载 ClassIn 并注册一个免费帐户。我们将一起参加试课,以便您更好地了解教室的结构。


    Student Information Form |


    In the "ClassIn" application, I will send you an information form to complete. This will communicate your contact information and preferred class times. |




    Choose a class package |


    Once you communicate which package you would like, we will find the best payment method for you. |




    I'll Schedule Our Classes |


    After payment, I will schedule your classes. It is very exciting! |



  • Class Policies | 类策略

    Referrals | 学生推荐

    If you refer me to a new student, and they purchase a class package with me, I will give you one 25-minute lesson for free. I will need confirmation from the new student before I can offer this to you. |


    Timeliness | 类长度

    Please arrive on time to class. Classes will end after 25 minutes, as I may have other students to teach during the next class time.|


    Rescheduling | 重新安排

    If you need to reschedule a class, please contact me more than 24 hours before the class start time. I will gladly help you find another time to take the class. If I do not receive more than 24 hours notice, this class will not be refunded. |

    如果您需要重新安排课程,请在上课时间前 24 小时以上与我联系。我很乐意帮你找时间上课。如果我未收到超过 24 小时通知,此类将不予退款。

    Refunds | 退款

    If you are unable to finish your class package, contact me to discuss refunding it. If I am able to provide a refund, the classes you have taken will be billed at full price (you will not receive the class package discount). |


  • Connect on WeChat |  在微信上连接

    You are welcome to add me on WeChat! When you add me, please let me know how you learned of me. |


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